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Weather Based Creative

Weather trigger ad allows clients to set variables on when they would like weather related ad to be served to their audience. For example, this Gap ad 300x250 ad shows a "Stay Cool" ad highlighting shorts for warmer temperatures; and "Keep Warm" ad highlighting a warm-weather jacket for cooler temperatures. This is desktop, tablet and mobile friendly. Keep in mind, that creatives are triggered by temp range as well as weather condition keywords (such as sunny, windy, snowy, ect), or a combination of the aforementioned (temp and keyword). Also this product is bullseye friendly.


To design & build this product out, please provide Creative Services with:

- Can be in any standard size creative (300x250, 970x90, 728x90, 300x600)

- or the design elements to design one of those sizes out; logos, images, copy

- we will need 2 versions of the ad, one for warmer than a certain degree and one for colder than a certain degree

​- trigger keywords

- location name


Price: Speak with Katlyn Hayes (



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